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12 Common Types of Personal Injury Cases


Life is unpredictable in almost all corners of the world. Accidents have become a common sight on the roads, in public places and even homes. These accidents are generally caused by the negligence of a person or organization, sometimes because of our own oversight or negligence and many times because of hard luck. Accident and the aftermaths of an accident can be quite overwhelming for an individual since they are associated with a lot of medical expenses and absence from work. In case the accident is caused due to the negligence of a third party the experience becomes all the more harrowing.

Checking with the doctor and Personal Injury Lawyer Chula Vista is the best thing to do after an accident to make sure your injuries are taken care of and you can gauge if you are eligible for a claim from the person or organization that was the cause of the accident. It is always advisable to check with Personal Injury Lawyer Chula Vista in case of an injury however for your personal reference you can refer to the below-mentioned points and decide if you qualify for a personal injury claim in case your accident meets any of these accidents.

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Personal Injury due to Car accident

Each year many people are injured by automobile accidents. The various causes of automobile accidents are high speed, disobeying the rules of the road, aggressive and distractive driving, and driving without the required skills. People who do not take driving as a serious skill are a big cause of automobile accidents. When a person is injured in an automobile because of the careless driver then the injured person has every right to get compensation. We come across people who handle this situation in the negotiation stage with the insurance company and settle for the claim offered by the insurance adjustor.

However, some people are not ready for the compensation offered by the insurance company initially sine it is a low compensation as compared to the actual expenses you are going to incur for your injuries. For this difficult situation you need to hire Personal Injury Lawyer Chula Vista who will handle your case and provide you the compensation you actually deserve.

Brain Injury accounts as a Personal Injury

Any injury to the head might damage the brain and a brain injury might prove fatal thus resulting in wrongful death of an individual. In case the individual survives however the brain injury is grave a change of lifestyle is imminent. The person might be disabled for life, limbs might stop working, senses might get impaired or the person might suffer from a constant pain in the head. Brain is the command center of the body and any damage to the command center will surely have a far reaching effect on the human body. Any head injury sustained during an accident should not be taken lightly and in-depth medical examination needs to be done to ascertain for the chances of any brain damage. In case a brain damage is ascertained a personal injury lawyer will help you claim compensation from the party that was responsible for the injury caused to you.

Personal Injury at the Workplace

Workplaces especially construction sites, factories and warehouses are galore with risks that might pose a serious threat to human life. A small negligence in terms of not implementing the security features or following the safety protocol might lead to an accident. Conforming to safety and security measures along with ensuring the safety of people working or visiting a workplace is the responsibility of the owner and in case the owner fails to discharge his duties properly resulting in an accident the owner of his insurance company are liable for compensation which a personal injury lawyer will help you claim.

personal injury lawyer

Bicycle Accidents might lead to severe personal injuries

A cyclist while riding his bicycle on the road is exposed to elements and accidents alike. Protection from all sides is almost lacking and a small hit might toss the cyclist in the air resulting in grievous life threatening injuries that might leave a person paralyzed or even result in wrongful death. Even a minor accident might result in concussions and broken bones. In case the accident is caused because of the wrongdoing or negligence of someone else the injured person qualifies for a compensation for the personal injuries sustained.

Slip and falls incidents on someone else’s premises

Slip and falls especially at commercial establishments resulting in serious injuries are a reality today. You might even take a fall while being at someone’s home due to slippery floor to any other reason which might be attributed to the negligence of the property owner. Since you have fallen and injured yourself because of the negligence of the property owner you are eligible for compensation. Your personal injury lawyer will help you establish the fact that there was negligence on the part of the homeowner that led to your slip and fall. In case you are trespassing someone’s property and take a fall and injure yourself you will not be eligible for compensation.

Construction accident causing big personal injuries

As stated earlier construction sites are hotbeds for accidents. All states have a set of rules that need to be followed by contractors, sub-contractors and the construction site owner to ensure the safety and security of the people working or visiting that facility. The negligence of these safety measures results in accidents and establishes the negligence on the part of the construction site owner or contractor thus making the claim process seamless. However you need a personal injury lawyer to convince the court that there actually was negligence.

personal injury lawyer

Dog bites might lead to a lot of expenses

Dog bites might sometimes lead to hospitalization and absence from work. Many states have leash laws for dogs that need to be adhering by dog owners. In case a dog has a history of biting people or has been established to be aggressive in nature the dog owner is liable to compensate the victim for the injuries, hospital bills and loss of pay because of absence from work. A personal injury lawyer will ensure a fair compensation for you in case the dog owner tries to intimidate you.

A personal injury due to Medical Malpractice

A medical professional might be held responsible for medical malpractice for an act or omission in which the treatment was below acceptable standards of the medical community resulting in the injury or death of the patient. Since proving medical malpractice you need to prove medical error which is only possible after your hire a personal injury lawyer since they have the sources and experience to deal with such cases. Fixing liability for an injury due to medical malpractice requires extensive research, experience and financial resources as a thorough investigation and access to top medical experts is required. A personal injury claim can be filed in case you or ne of your loved ones has been injured while being in the hospital for giving birth, or you have been misdiagnosed or not diagnosed at all for a curable medical condition. Surgical errors resulting in amputations, infections or spinal cord injuries account for medical malpractice. Nursing home injuries because of abuse and neglect can also be undertaken by a personal injury lawyer under medical malpractice.

Personal Injuries because of Pedestrian Accidents

People get hit while walking on the road by motorists due to a lot reasons and might be hospitalized and lose a lot of money in terms of lost wages while taking days off for medical treatment and rehabilitation. There are a variety of reasons of pedestrian accidents driver distraction is the main cause of pedestrian accidents. A motorist might not be paying enough attention on the road and hit one or several pedestrians on the road injuring or killing them. Drivers might lose control on their vehicles or disobey traffic signals while pedestrians are crossing the road. Aggressive driving and driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is a big cause of pedestrian accidents. A personal injury lawyer will help claim the injured pedestrian for a claim for the personal injuries or wrongful death caused by the motorist.

personal injury lawyer

Personal injury stemming from Products Liability

Defective products sometimes can take a toll on human beings. These products might be sub standard or have a manufacturing defect or have a faulty design when they came out of the factory. Car parts, ATVs, Medical devices, defective toys, contaminated food products and recalled products can damage a human being’s body parts and even cause wrongful death. People who have been injured because of such products can claim for compensation from the manufacturer.

Assault and battery

Injuries sustained in an assault and battery scenario can be taken under personal injury to claim compensation from the person who has assaulted the injured person. A person might just be a collateral damage being in the middle of a fight just to save someone. It is better to consult a personal injury lawyer in case someone has been injured in an assault.

Wrongful death

A wrongful death might be the result of injuries caused due to the negligence of someone else. A person died because of the negligence of someone else leaves a family behind which needs to be taken care of. The family needs money to sustain itself in case the person dead has been the sole breadwinner of the family. The family can claim compensation from the erring person’s insurance company or the person itself for the loss of their loved one.

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