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6 Excellent Employee Recognition Apps to Reward and Motivate Workforce


Employee Recognition

Organizations across the world have recognized the importance of employees as the most valuable resource. For an organization to succeed, it must manage employees effectively. HR is a function whose constant work is to ensure employees are managed in the best possible way so they contribute to the organization’s goals. Employee recognition is an important technique used by organizations to motivate their workforce. This article is all about the 6 Excellent Employee Recognition Apps to Reward & Motivate Workforce.

It is possible to motivate employees by recognizing their good work. When an employee is recognized and appreciated by the bosses for achieving goals or for quality of work, it boosts his morale. It also motivates others to work harder to get the same kind of recognition. The need for recognition is a human characteristic that can be used to motivate people.

Employee Recognition Apps

Recognition can be done by something as simple as making an announcement or sending a message to all the employees informing them about the achievements of an employee and congratulating him. This kind of public recognition can be highly motivating for an employee. The employees will feel proud of his achievement and will win accolades from his colleagues that will make him put in more effort. This article has detailed information about Employee Recognition Apps.

Employee Recognition Apps

Apart from recognition through appreciation, the reward is a great way to recognize the work of employees. A reward is something of value that means a lot to the person who gets it. A medal or a shield is something that employees will cherish and display in their workspace proudly. Rewards can also include gifts like a memento or something valuable.

Rewards can be cash in the form of an incentive. It can be offered through other ways like shopping vouchers, a day off with tickets to a movie, a paid vacation, or any other such innovative way to recognize the efforts of an employee. There is no doubt that recognition and rewards, when implemented effectively can transform the workforce into a highly committed team of employees striving to achieve goals.

Apps for Employee Recognition

Many years back, circulars or information posted on the notice board or meetings were used by management to announce rewards and appreciate employee contribution. With the popularity of mobile phones, apps are being used for many applications. Mobile apps are available in the market that can be used to recognize the achievements of the workforce.

Since all employees would have a mobile phone, they can be asked to install an app. This app can be used to engage with the employee and can be used to send information to all employees, including information on employee recognition. Organizations can give a virtual pat on the back to appreciate the efforts put in.

Since recognition happens through the app, all are aware of it. This motivates them to work harder to gain similar recognition. Most organizations have reward programs, where they offer reward schemes for employees for targets achieved or quality of work. Such reward programs can be managed very easily by using apps for employee recognition.

6 Excellent Apps for Employee recognition

The following are six excellent apps that can be used to recognize and reward employee contributions.

  1. Ezzely

The advantage of Ezzely is that it is not just a recognition app but also can be used to engage with the employee. It has multiple features making it a very useful app for organizations. Employee recognition can be managed by assigning points for jobs well done. These points can be redeemed in whatever way the employee wants, allowing employees to choose their reward. This is the best source for Employee Recognition Apps.

  1. iAppreciate

This app helps employees to appreciate each other for achieving milestones. A celebration of milestones is possible by using the app. The app is mainly intended to send messages of appreciation. It can even be shared on social media sites.

  1. Achievers

This is a reward app that allows users to see the points they have obtained as a reward. The points can be used to get gifts or buy various products online. Employees can even use the points they have accumulated to donate to charity. This article has all information about Employee Recognition Apps

  1. Socialcast Thanks

The management can use this app to thank employees who contribute to the organizations’ success. Employees can express their gratitude for the recognition and even recognize the contributions of other employees. The app is used to broadcast complements to employees.

  1. GiveAWow

This app can be used to appreciate the work of employees. It is a less formal way of appreciating the efforts of employees. This can even be shared on social media. Points obtained can be viewed and redeemed. This is best for Employee Recognition Apps.

  1. Kudos

Kudos is an app that works as a social network for corporates. Employees and management can communicate with each other. Appreciations and rewards can be announced through the use of this app.

Any of the apps listed can be used by organizations to implement a recognition and reward program to motivate their workforce.

Author Bio:

The article has been written by Marilou Alcaide, a marketing writer at Ezzely an employee engagement platform. Creating appealing content to engage the readers all around the world is the author’s keen desire. Get connected using the following details




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