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The rate of burglary and theft is on the rise. The problem is criminals are getting more and more knowledgeable about the common security measures that people use. There are even video tutorials online that walks people through bypassing many of these “modern” home security equipment. In order to keep our homes and businesses secure, we must stay ahead of the criminals by keeping up to date with the latest in home security.

On the heels of the vehicle tracking device

The trend of beefing up the security of houses came with the rise in popularity of the vehicle tracking device. Your common driver back then usually relied on their car keys to prevent car theft. Never did it crossed their mind that car doors could be jimmied open by a cunning thief. As the rate of car theft increased, so did the pressure to create a more robust security system for vehicles.

vehicle tracking device

Once people realized that a single security lock could not save them from criminal attack, they began thinking of ways they could increase security in their lives. Their thoughts naturally gravitated towards their homes. It is their safe place; the place where they feel most secure. And the thought of it being threatened was inconceivable. A little egging and fear-mongering from the media spurred the creation of home security systems. Anti-burglary alarms started showing up in almost every home. You can read how vehicle tracking device plays an important rule in your life.

Taking a cue from security tracking systems

Much like car owners using a vehicle tracking device on their cars to deter car theft, homeowners should prioritize security to prevent their homes from being targeted by criminals. There are many ways to go about securing the houses but the simplest one and where every homeowner should start is securing their front doors. Here are some tips.

Tips on How to Use Security Equipment on Your Front Door

1. Opt for solid-core

Solid-core doors are available and they’re not hard to find. Any hardware store offers them. You can ask any salesperson to point you in the right direction. Just like its cheaper counterparts, solid-core doors also come in a variety of materials, design, and pattern. For even better protection against intrusion, forego a wood door and choose instead a metal or fiberglass. These are even more resilient to strong forces but come with a hefty price tag.

2. Install dead-bolts

Now that you have an appropriately made front door that won’t break easily, you’ll need something to ensure that the door won’t be easily opened. Regular door handles do their job admirably but could never stand up to a persistent burglar wanting to gain entry into your home. They can easily be opened with a flat metal or plastic plates such as credit cards or a knife. Installing a deadbolt lock means even more protection against burglars. Make sure you get one that extends fully into the door-jamb opening, and it should also be reinforced using a metal strike plate.

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For assurance, take care not to use a deadbolt with an exposed screw. Or better yet, go with a dead-lock that’s exit-only deadbolt. Locks like these don’t have exterior key openings and can only be locked or unlocked from the inside.

vehicle tracking device

3. Go for wide-angle peepholes

The reason peepholes exist is for you to see who is outside knocking without opening the front door. The problem is standard peepholes have a limited viewing range. A person just standing to the side and pressed against the door won’t be visible from the peephole. To combat this, switch these out with wide-angle peepholes, or have one installed if you don’t have one already. As its name states, these offer you a better viewing range when you look through these. These types of peepholes have a very little blind spot so there’s no place for strangers to hide from, you can see them clearly even before you open the door.

4. Use screws for your door

When you’re installing a door, particularly a front door, it is best to use screws and not nails to connect the door to the frame. The jack stud of the door should be connected to the door frame in at least nine points:

Three on each of the lock side and hinge of the frame (bottom, middle, and top)

One at the top

Two for the strike plate of the dead-lock

It is best practice to use a size 2.5-inch screw so make sure there is around 1 inch to 1.5 inches of penetration into the material.

5. Consider installing a multi-point lock

A version of a vehicle tracking gadget for your front door would be a multi-point locking system. This type of locking system reinforces the existing one you have. A standard multi-point lock has to lock pins that go into the jamb at the bottom and on top of the lock side, with the standard lock in the middle. With this installed, forcibly opening the door through kicking or body-slamming would be futile since it is well-reinforced. There is a variation of a multi-point locking system that has a keypad as well as a keyhole to make it all the harder for burglars to bypass.

vehicle tracking device

6. Get a home alarm system

Almost every vehicle that’s released has this feature, so why not our homes as well? A home alarm system is ideal for homes with front doors with decorative glass on them. I’ll admit, these are beautiful to look at and certainly add appeal to your home but these types of doors are also the most vulnerable. Many break-ins happen on houses with doors such as these. A home alarm system will prevent burglars from gaining entry into your home. Just like those in cars, the moment a strong force is acted on the door, or if the glass breaks, a loud blaring noise with resound drawing attention from neighbors. Putting a sign outside that says the house is equipped with an alarm system can even discourage criminals from targeting your home.

Final Thoughts

Now more than ever, we must put safety as a priority. There are more and more desperate individuals willing to do whatever it takes to get what they want. We must take action to keep our homes safe and secure.

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Author Bio:

Eliza Brooks is an ardent blogger and frequent traveler who writes about home improvement, travel, and the latest trends in emerging technologies. She is currently working with EyeSpySupply, which offers a wide range of spy equipment and vehicle tracking device, including spy wireless camera, nanny cams, GPS trackers, and voice-activated audio recorder and more.

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