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8 Fancy Mirror Ideas 2019 to Spruce Up The Entire Home


A well-placed mirror can be a powerful asset to any room. For a very long time, we’ve known mirrors as a universal element of home decor, some essential stuff you use to tie your tie or put on your makeup. But mirrors can be more than that stereotype. They have deeper functions that we just don’t pay attention to. Mirrors can actually make space seem larger and more open. They distribute light to brighten up the room, exhibit artwork on adjacent walls and vivify rooms that do not have windows. And while mirrors are useful, they are often beautiful as well. In this article, you can find the latest and updated fancy Mirror Ideas 2019 to Spruce Up The Entire Home.

These days, mirror styles and decorations are increasingly creative and unique, partly because of technological influence and partly because homeowners are always in search of something new. There are several places around your home where you can place mirrors and the most obvious ones are the living room, hallway, bathroom, bedroom, and stair hall. Placing mirrors is pretty easy to come by, especially when you have something to inspire you. Let our ideas be your inspiration!

Mirror Ideas 2019 for the Living Room:

A Dozen Reflections:

Hanging 12 symmetrical mirrors is a great way to accent a living room. This idea also produces the illusion of space through reflection. Plus, the lines that split the mirrors into a square gallery helped break the dullness of a single, massive mirror.

Mirror Ideas 2019

Geometric Design:

Another gallery of geometric mirrors would be fine for a gorgeous Mediterranean-themed living room. Witness how this design made perfect use of the empty walls, which brought out more of a decorative thing about mirrors than their usual functionality.

Mirror Ideas 2019

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Mirror Ideas 2019 for the Bathroom:

A Trifold Set:

How about a great and functional trifold mirror for modern bathroom vanity? I think the color and style are contemporary, neat, and fresh ‒ ideal to spend a longer time in the shower.

Mirror Ideas 2019

The Exquisite Art:

Absolutely unique & stunning is how to describe this exquisite, back-lit, hand-etched mirror design. Western Sydney home builders would suggest this one is fitting for huge, luxurious homes.

Mirror Ideas 2019

Mirror Ideas 2019 for the Hallway:

Round in Circle:

Round mirrors have always been a fancy statement whether for the ’80s or modern houses. I appreciate how it adds fun and cheery ambiance in a quiet humble way.

Mirror Ideas 2019

The Gallery:

Here’s a fun collection of your favorite mirrors framed in different shapes and styles. The gallery makes the hall area feel more open. Not to mention the abstract pattern it adds to the empty wall. I would definitely love walking through this foyer, seeing my self literally in every step of the way.

Mirror Ideas 2019

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Mirror Ideas 2019 for the Bedroom:

Mirror Mirror On The Floor:

You don’t always have to hang the mirrors especially when they can still look gorgeous even when grounded. A tall, framed mirror on the floor works best at one corner side of the room. Love all the lighted lanterns around it and how it reflects the indoor plant across the room.

Mirror Ideas 2019

Sculpted Into Pieces:

Who would have thought that sculpted pieces of a mirror could be this stunning? The idea is unique and creative. I think it did create a perfect placement right above the headboard. Interesting how this design can add sparkles and glows to a plain, empty room.

Mirror Ideas 2019

Author Bio:

Sarah Contreras is a home design enthusiast. She loves flippin’ pages of decorating magazines and catalogs where she can find interesting home decor ideas that she often writes about. She’s a daytime writer for Wincrest Bespoke, the most trusted home builder in Sydney, Australia.

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