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How to Create the Perfect Guest Bathroom


Is your home a popular destination for out-of-town guests? Want to give your guests the best hospitality when visiting? If so, make your guests feel right at home during their visit by creating the perfect guest bathroom.

Depending on how often you use it, your guest bathrooms can become very cluttered and neglected because it tends to be where unused items are stored. To revitalize the room, try these design ideas to make your guests’ visit more enjoyable:

  • Cleanliness and Organization – Clean the bathroom from top to bottom to present your guests with a clean and organized bathroom:
    • Remove dust, clutter, and any personal items to give your guests space for their toiletries. Sometimes children use the guest bathroom when not in use so make sure you get rid of toys and other kid’s items.
    • Use antibacterial disinfectant cleaning supplies such as Clorox and Windex to clean the toilet, bathtub, floor, mirrors, sink, etc.
    • Your guest bathroom should look clean and presentable for your guests to use.
    • A bathroom should be organized in such a way that guests can easily find what they need without asking or turning your bathroom upside down to find something.guest bathroom ideas
  • Air out the bathroom before guests arrive and provide air fresheners. You can place things such as candles and incense as long as it is in a safe place away from children yet still visible for your adult guests to spot. This provides your guests with options of their own choice.
  • If your bathroom has windows, open up blinds to let natural light in. If you want to add light to your space think about adding mirrors to your bathroom. Adding mirrors to bring light usually gives a different light and a great trick to add natural lighting to a dark place.
  • Make sure there is plenty of light. If your bathroom is in a place where the window needs curtains or other appliances to ensure privacy. Clean the light fixtures and change the bulbs, if necessary.

 Advice from Sacha Ferrandi; real estate expert and founder of Source Capital Funding and Texas Hard Money Loans: “Think about adding extra lighting to help give your home a better look; perhaps if your bathroom is in a place where additional lighting is necessary such as a basement or a dark hallway, consider adding an extra floor lamp. The setting of your home can determine your guests’ mood”.

  • Replace broken or leaking fixtures before your guests arrive.
  • Provide the Necessities in an Easy-to-See Spot – Always display things you know your guests will need such as hand soap, towels, toilet paper.
    • Stock EXTRA items – a single roll of toilet paper does not look as organized and neat as a basket filled with multiple toilet paper. Providing an additional number of things is better for your guests and serves as a neater way of decoration.
    • Provide plenty of clean bath towels and washcloths for your guests as well as hand towels too.
    • Make sure your towels are fresh and washed. Don’t use old, worn towels. Be sure your towels are correctly displayed to be easily identified between clean and used towels.
    • You can even buy guest towels in a color different from your regular towels to keep the decoration towels clean and unused.
    • One very convenient detail to have is offering items guests may forget when traveling. These can be placed and organized well in vanity or other cabinets. From self-care products such as a toothbrush, toothpaste, razors, makeup removers, to shower essentials: shampoo, conditioner, hair products for both men and women (hair spray, gel, blow dryers, hair straightener), deodorant and women’s hygiene essentials. A guest bathroom should have everything necessary for your hygiene.
    • The idea is to make your bathroom provide all the necessary things while still looking organized and guest appealing.guest bathroom ideas
  • If you want to make your hospitality score even better, you can provide guest robes to make your guests even more comfortable.
  • Displaying bath extras such as sea sponges, bath salts, loofahs, and bath brushes are a plus.
  • You can welcome your guests by giving them a quick tour of where they will be staying, communicate where things are in the bathroom specially when pointing out things that are not obviously visible.
  • Decorations – Make the space warm and welcoming by adding a few inexpensive decorations. Find inspiration and style ideas for your guest bathroom. Decorate with plants, a floor rug, and artwork.
    • Fresh-cut flowers will brighten the room and make your guests feel special.
    • Provide enough floor rugs where it keeps your guests from both making a mess and avoiding an incident.
    • Replace a worn or dated shower curtain or liner.
    • Use candles as decoration as well as to keep the bathroom smelling fresh.
    • Add lotion, matching soap dish, wastebaskets, and other stylish organizational containers

Wesley Ward, known as a marketing expert for an online kitchen and bathroom renovator Hausera; explains “If the bathroom is very small, decorate it with neutral colors to create the illusion of space and lighten the mood of the room. You can use a bit of color but avoid using dark colors”.

  • If your bathroom needs a fresh paint job, it might be worth investing in to prepare for your guests’ arrival especially with the upcoming holidays
  • Storage Space – Storage helps keep your bathroom clean and avoid your guests from making a mess
    • Provide space for guests to hang dirty towels. Removable hooks and baskets would work
    • Guests will probably need something to store their dirty clothes in as well- you can offer bags for them to keep them in or place a special basket for their used clothing. Depending on how long their stay is, this can make things easier for them if they happen to use your laundry room.
    • If your bathroom is smaller perhaps installing shelves would help keep the bathroom organized.
    • Keeping things organized will help you stay stress free and prepared to receive guests.

Want to be the best host? Having a clean, comfortable guest bathroom goes a long way in making your guests feel welcome in your home. When decorating and organizing your guest bathroom, think about what you look for when you stay at a nice hotel, things you wish other guests would provide you when visiting and try to recreate it in your own home. Adding the smallest touches can make such a difference!

About the author:

Karina Mojica is a contributor editor for 365 Business tips. From sunny Los Angeles; California State University Dominguez Hills she made her way back home to beautiful San Diego. She has a degree in Marketing, with experience in interior design, and social media marketing.

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