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Exam preparation office management in Germany


Office management traders organize and handle business tasks. They also do business in areas such as order processing, procurement, accounting, marketing, and human resources. Businessman for office management is a 3-year recognized training occupation in industry and commerce as well as in public service. The training also takes place in the craft.

Whether it’s a large chemical company, a fashion chain for high-fashion or the local radio station, office management businesswomen work in virtually every industry, no matter how gigantic or manageable the company is. There they expect both classic organizational activities as well as various company-specific tasks, for example in the field of event planning. Probably the great diversity in this profession is also the reason why this training is one of the most popular at all.

Exam preparation office management in Germany

What does a businesswoman do for office management?

  • Working on the telephone: Forwarding important calls to the boss, answering customer questions or contacting service providers for order processing – many steps of an office clerk are made over the telephone.
  • Working on the computer: As an office management assistant, you answer e-mails, monitor incoming payments, write business letters and are familiar with all common computer programs such as Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.
  • Working at the Reception: As soon as an appointment arrives, the Office Management Assistant is on hand to receive job interview candidates or customers who have registered.
  • Working with customers: Whether praise or criticism – when complaints or requests for improvement come in from customers, office management agents take a stand or hand them over to the responsible employees. They also forward purchase orders and answer, for example, cooperation requests.
  • Working with Colleagues: Office Management Clerks also manage contract changes and employee master data – from the beginning of work to the place of residence. They also book hotels or airline tickets for the next business trip and explain how the travel expense report works.
  • Working in bookkeeping: As a businesswoman for office management manages bills, supervises payments or maintains cash book.
  • Organizational work: In some cases, you may plan company events or prepare for meetings. On the other hand, it is always necessary to coordinate appointments. And when office supplies such as printing paper or letterheads run out, businesswomen in office management provide supplies.

Why should one become a businessman for office management?

Exam preparation office management in Germany

  • If you are looking for a job with regular working hours, you are exactly right. In addition, you expect different tasks every day: Although you often work on the computer, at the same time, you also have frequent contact with customers or employees. If you want to reorient yourself professionally in another industry over the course of time, this job is perfect for this: after all, there is this position in almost every company and in every division.
  • Where can I work as a businessman for office management?

  • The question should rather be: where can you NOT work? Most companies have an office, over which the organizational tasks run. That’s why you’ll find a job in almost every industry. Whether in a financial company, energy companies or even in a department store – the choice is huge.

Office management is a relatively new vocational training in Germany. A few years ago there was the training as an office clerk. This training no longer exists in Germany, because it has been replaced by the training “Kauffrau f├╝r B├╝romanagement”.

Since this training is in great demand, there are currently about 50,000 young women and men learning this profession. At the end of school time, everyone has to write an exam. If you do not pass this exam, you can not work later in this profession.

Unfortunately, many of the trainees fall through this exam. Last year almost 2,000 young people failed their exams.

To help these people, we have created video training on our online learning platform. These training sessions discuss all the learning fields that are important for the exam.

This online video course is over 50 hours long. All topics are discussed in such detail that they can understand someone who was ill for a long time and could not attend school. It is very important to us that all topics are quick and easy to understand. Because the name of our platform “Evkola” comes from the Greek language and means fast and easy.

For more information on the online course “Exam Preparation Business Administration Assistant.”

Incidentally, the online courses are also suitable if you are new to Germany and you are interested in a job. We wish you a lot of fun with the course and the free practice questions.

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Exam preparation office management in Germany

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