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Home Improvement Ultimate Guide to Planning a Home Renovation


Home is where we want to come back to. The cherished memories shared with our loved ones are the real valuables of our lives. Our life stories unfold and change ourselves and our homes simultaneously. Comfortable living is only possible in a well-kept home. And it is compulsory to hire home improvement professionals.

With the passing years, trends change and things get older. Most of the homeowners strive to keep at par with the evolution of time and trends. One big project which can reface and revalue your property is a home renovation project. It is an easy way to leave your unique mark on your home.

home improvement

If you own a house with plenty of character and want to keep it that way, hire a custom home improvement company. After all, keeping the whimsical aura is the ultimate goal!

Every home has a character if its own and thus should be worked on following a different scheme of work. But considering the holistic view of home renovation, a broader outline is common among all projects.

Being in the home renovation business for the last decade, I have prepared an ultimate guide to plan a home renovation project. This read might not be the substitute of 600-page guides but it comes in handy when you have little time.

home improvement

Here you go!

1. Primary Assessment :

The first step of home renovation is obviously assessing the current condition of your house. The old worn outlook might be the reason you decided to invest in home remodeling.

Grab a notebook and walk around your house one weekend. Write down the areas of concern elaborately. A professional can help you in evaluating the condition deeply. Infestation, damp and drainage problems must be paid attention to.

home improvement

2. Check On Your Financial Situation :

After you have conducted a primary assessment, it is time to understand your financial situation. What are your savings? And do you find it safe to spend that money on this project? later we will talk about funds and loans.

3. Enlist All The Essential Needs :

Among the chaos of finishing the tasks and making the ends meet, you may skip what is most essential. It is normal and it is avoidable.

Enlist the essential improvements. You should include those things without which your house is not livable.

home improvement

4. Prioritize Your Wishes :

Are you inspired by the fancy jacuzzi you saw on Instagram? But it might unsettle your budget. I would suggest prioritizing your wishes regarding your home. It depends on your weather you keep Mexican tile installation or fancy cabinet installation on the top, it should be preplanned.

5. Invest On Worthy Improvements :

It is important to understand that not all home improvements affect the resale value of your home. Bathroom and kitchen remodeling significantly increase the real estate value of your property. Home exteriors will affect the curb appeal and deserve due importance.

home improvement

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6. Hire Home Experts :

Home experts have the expertise and skill. In order to have the quality finish and safe repairs, hire reputable home improvement professionals.

A contractor can save you a lot of time, money and stress associated with DIY projects. Moreover, one cannot afford risks in such an important matter.

7. Devise A Workable Budget :

Now you are done with a detailed plan on essentials and wishes, write down a detailed budget. Most of the home remodeling companies provide free estimates on request. Add a wiggle room too.

home improvement

8. Consider Home Improvement Loans :

It is not necessary to pay the whole of the sum on your own. You can search for home improvement loans. Home equity loans are the most popular ways to back up funding needs. Large sums allow additions and greater changes with minimum interest rates.

9. Keep In View the Permit Issues :

Before you embark on the actual journey, get legal issues done. Contact your local authorities for permits and consents.

home improvement

10. Build A Timeline :

This is often overlooked but a lacking at this step can be quite discomforting. As you have understood what needs to be done, decide upon the timeline. In most cases, residents have to make changes in living styles which can get unsettling for longer times. Be sure about the time frame.

11. Prepare For the Move :

Everything is done and all is set. But wait have you packed your essentials and prepared for the move? You cannot stay the way as you were previously when the craftsmen are lurking around.
You can move within the house or find some other residence.

home improvement

If home repainting is included in home improvement project (in most cases it is a must-have), do not forget to cover your furniture and appliances.

12. Let The Magic Unfold!

After all the hard work and spending hard-earned dollars, let the magic unfold. Cherish the fresh paint coats and glossy new tiles!

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