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Discover How to Improve Your Gaming Performance on Your PC


A tiring and expensive battle, when it comes to using your PC to play the latest must-have
the game, don’t be left behind!

Playing havoc on your hardware, gaming on your PC can throw many challenges forward
that needn’t be there. Instead of being put off by the constant buffering, stuttering and
freezing, by following these key optimizations yourself, you too can game to your heart’s and
improve your PC gaming performance. This article is all about How to Improve Your Gaming Performance on your pc.

1- Update Your PC’s Graphics Drivers

Promising an immediate FPS boost, updating your graphic drivers is a first step in improving
your overall gaming experience. By revolving between the PC’s original driver and the latest
graphic card, you will see a large transformation.

2- Jazz up Your ​Graphics Card

With your newly purchased graphic card, consider running your graphics card to over the
factory speed, ​ overclocking​. By supercharging your graphics cards by 10-15%, you can
minimize any stuttering that occurs during gameplay. The stuttering of your graphics card
that you usually experience when gaming, is mostly caused by a slow running graphics card. This is the best way for How to Improve Your Gaming Performance on PC.

3- Boost Your PC With an Optimization Tool

Your PC will continue to get slower and slower the more programs that you install, this in
turn will affect your gaming experience. By boosting your PC with an optimization tool, you
can uninstall redundant programs, as well as reduce the amount of background activity that
occurs from your installed programs.

With a selection of tools readily available, when using your program of choice, click on
the option to remove ‘rarely used programs’ or ‘programs not used for a long time’

4- Upgrade your ​graphics card​ ​to a new model

When playing the latest, must-have game, your graphics card can show signs of struggle.
Instead of suffering, upgrade your graphics card to the latest model and fully experience the
game as intended. A fail-safe option for improving your gaming experience on your PC,
upgrade your graphics card today. This option is often recommended for those original
graphic cards still struggling after an overclock, or those wanting a superior quality gaming

5- Get an SSD Card

Does your PC have an HDD card? Consider replacing your PC’s HDD with an SSD card.
Faster than your PC’s mechanical hard disks, an SSD card is a failsafe option to reduce your
game load time. By choosing an SSD with more than 250GB, you will notice a staggering

6- Turn off Superfetch and Prefetch

By disabling both ​ Superfetch and Prefetch​ , you can notice a quicker loading speed of your
games. Two Windows features, these applications have been designed to boost Windows
app startup times. When instead these features have been found to increase background
activity when gaming, leading to a slower and less smooth gaming experience. For quicker,
buffer-free game playing, we recommend switching these two features off.

If you are wanting to switch these two features off for the first time, go to:

“Control Panel”, “System and Security”, “Administrative Tools”, and “Services”. Scroll down
until you see the “SuperFetch” entry, double-click on it, and choose “Disabled” from the list.
Services (local) window – SuperFetch

Press “OK” and close all open windows. Open the registry; click -Start orb and type in
“regedit”. Press Enter, and go to

“HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlSession ManagerMemory
ManagementPrefetchParameters”. Double-click on “EnablePrefetcher” and enter “0” (default
value is “3”) to disable the Prefetcher.

7- Defrag and TRIM Hard Disk for Faster Access

All data written or deleted from the hard disk will become fragmented and spread out across the disk drive, this, in turn, will affect the performance when playing games. When playing
games, your hard disk will need to collect all portions of the game before being able to fully
process the file. By ​ defragging your hard disk​ , you can quickly load your game in a
continuous manner.

8- Tweak Intel, AMD or NVIDIA Control Panels

Go through your computer’s control panels, tweaking the 3D settings to improve the balance
performance and visual quality. With many 3D Settings able to be adjusted in-game, there
are some settings that are directly controlled by the driver. By tweaking either the NVIDIA,
AMD or Intel drivers, depending on your PC, you can improve both the performance and
vision experienced.

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The maximum pre-rendered frames allow you to control the number of frames that the processor prepares before transferring them to the graphics card. It is recommended to increase the value of pre-rendered frames for smoother gameplay, this, however, may result in a time lag between the mouse
and the keyboard.

The Threaded Optimization option should always be on, this allows the added support of multi-threaded optimization, essential for modern multi-core processors.


VSync will synchronize the frames from your graphics card with the refresh rate of your
monitor. By disabling this feature, you may find that your games run smoother, however, by
deactivating, you might find that parts of your screen will not render correctly and lag in time.
It is recommended that you only disable this feature if your monitor has a higher frame rate
than your gameplay. This paragraph is especially important for How to Improve Your Gaming Performance with Tweak Intel, AMD or NVIDIA Control Panels.

9- Adjust the AMD/ATI Control Centre

To squeeze more performance and increase the visual quality of your games, in turn
improving your PCs gaming performance, it is recommended that you tweak and adjust the
AMD/ATI Control Center. By tweaking the settings in the control center, you can adjust and
sharpen your results depending on your requirements. If you are looking for How to Improve Your Gaming Performance on pc then this article is very helping for you.

Or… Purchase a Gaming PC

If you have gone through all the above 9 suggestions and have yet to notice an improved
the difference, or perhaps you are wanting to save on precious time, then there is one solution
left. To create the ultimate gaming experience and to fully appreciate the game as it was
intended, promising a sharp, quick and detailed gaming experience, playing the latest games
in 4K or VR, consider a Gaming PC​ .

How to Improve Your Gaming Performance on Pc

By following these 9 superb suggestions, hopefully, you too have noticed a difference in your
gaming experience on your PC. Solving any issues that you may have been experiencing,
we hope to have saved you time and money while allowing you to fully appreciate your
the latest game, as the designers intended.

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By tweaking, boosting and optimizing your PC, you can eliminate any need to go out and
purchase the latest gaming computer.

Instead with a little time and determination, you can supercharge your PC, allowing you to
play the latest games for yourself.

For those limited by time or wanting to enjoy the experience of playing the latest games
without the hassle of refurbishing your PC, then purchasing a Gaming PC might be the
solution for you.

If you are looking for top 10 ways How to Improve Your Gaming Performance on your pc then Homeofarticle has the best guide for you.

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