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JBR’s New Acquisition – The New Five Star Hotel


Dubai is home to some of the most impressive architectural sites in the world. Palm Jumeirah and Burj-ul-Arab being one of the most famous buildings of Dubai. But this is nothing compared to what’s coming in the next few years. The future of Dubai and its architectural image is on the rise; there are many developments going on that will take the world by storm. 

You might be getting anxious or curious about what we are getting at, am sure you have your ideas so let’s get straight to the point. We are talking about the newest development at JBR the address residences Jumeirah Resort; the pictures released showed a futuristic twin-tower configuration “Address hotel”, that looked nothing but impressive. Jumeirah Beach Residences is the most famous as well as much in demand residencies of Dubai. It has a great location, a great neighborhood, and it’s a brilliant family-friendly community.

JBR has a lot of great buildings; this will add to the glory of JBR even more. The new tower is speculated to have 182 hotels rooms including serviced residences as well as residential apartments. The site is being developed by the most famous Emaar developers, the opening date hasn’t been revealed yet, but it’s going to be soon.

To understand the design, think about a donut, only a huge one in rectangle shape. The twin towers will be joined at the top and bottom levels. The whole structure will be 290-metre towers; it’s going to be an impressive sight. The sun will reflect the sunshine and make the whole tower look like a sparkling masterpiece.

The structure is made with a brilliant plan in mind to make one tower into a hotel and the other into a residency. It is a cool plan for a 74-storey tower. You must be thinking about how the facilities of the towers will work? Well, since the most reputable developers are building the tower, they have thought about it beforehand. Some of the facilities, like the restaurants as well as eateries, will be shared by the guests and residents. And others like gym, saunas and pool will be separate for the hotel guest and the residents.

The Address Residences Jumeirah Resorts

But this isn’t all, there is more, and there will be more even after the development is done and launched. The rooftop of the development is going to have an infinity pool, how cool would it be to have a long swim at that height, see the sunset while enjoying some long laps. The next best thing you can enjoy apart from the roof pool is the gym, the state of the art gym will function 24 hours, so you can have your peace of mind and work out any time of the day.

You must be thinking we are done with the surprises, but wait we have more. The tower will have its very own 100 meters of beach frontage, yeah that will feel great to have your own personal piece of the beach to walk and run when the sun rises or even before that. The hotel will also have a couple of ballrooms and boardrooms, to entertain its many guests. Apart from JBR the Downtown area will also have its new Address hotel soon.

Address Boulevard, in Downtown Dubai, will be a 72-storey tower, and it will be linked to the most famous Dubai Mall. The tower will have 196 hotel rooms. These awesome and state-of-the-art rooms will include 36 suites with a club lounge. It will also have serviced residences. There will be excellent facilities, including a huge spa, as well as fine-dining restaurants.

Highlights Of The Hotel:

  • 74-storey towers tall with a five-storey connecting bridge on the top
  • Rooftop infinity pool
  • 24/7 functional gym
  • Restaurants
  • The tower will be 290 meters high
  • Part of the tower will be a hotel and part will be a residency, one of a king masterpiece.
  • It’s a beachfront resort that will have a private beach line running 100 meters long.
  • The views will be impeccable; residents will have the full view of Bluewaters Island as well as the Ain Dubai big wheel
  • It will have a straight link to Sheikh Zayed Road, very accessible
  • There is also going to be a 24/7 spa at the hotel as well.


All in all, the tower is going to be a masterpiece, one of a kind deal. Dubai is known for its architectural diversity. And this is going to be the jewel of the crown. The tower will be completed in the last quarter of 2020.

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