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Latest best Artificial Intelligence News 2019


Artificial intelligence means that work of computer with the human mind. Artificial is the thing that we create our own hand not naturally and intelligence means sharper or more exclusive thing. So artificial intelligence entering in our lives so rapidly. In this article, we will tell you the latest innovations in artificial intelligence, artificial intelligence latest developments and artificial intelligence news 2019. 

We were not modern in past centuries but now we know what should we do in life.

We have a computer in the past which can store some few files and documents but with the human mind, we made it update and better. Now we have some latest technology which we broad-minded.

Artificial intelligence also has known AI short key. In our future, we can do many things easily which were not possible in the past.

But now what we can’t do in the past possible in future it’s going to be better and better. Only one thing I say that we should not challenge technology because it’s growing so fast as you never think of.

artificial intelligence news

The growth of technology with artificial intelligence news

According to Ray Kurzweil, law Technology is going to more and faster it unstoppable in its invention. Ray Kurzweil proposed “The Law of Accelerating Returns“, according to which the rate of change in a wide variety of evolutionary systems (including but not limited to the growth of technologies) tends to increase exponentially. And he is right in his saying that technology has no limit in creating an artificial thing.

artificial intelligence news

Technology helps us with internet and provide artificial intelligence news

The population is growing which means the more effective mind is going to be born that they can bring some change in future technology. You can read all artificial intelligence news here.

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Artificial intelligence heaven or hell

artificial intelligence news

Artificial intelligence can create this earth heaven or hell if it’s in good hands. And we are using it to give benefits others then its heaven and if we are using to harm others then its hell. Artificial technology is one of the most important issues nowadays. I am also working about technology to know its feature. Some people think that AI is a computer or Robots or television or video games but it’s not limited to these things only it has completely changed our way of living.

What contributes to AI?

Artificial intelligence is a branch of computer which creates some system or functions that allows our devices to behave Like humans, it’s not limited only computer but based on discipline.

Mathematics – Math is also helping in artificial technology because of its formulas.

Neural Science – Neural also playing a good role in AI that how our brain transmits signal.

Sociology –We can learn how to make better our social life.

Psychology – AI tells us how to behave good or bad in different places.

Philosophy – This helps us to find human existence what is the concept of living.

Physics – Its theories help us to solve some different matter.

artificial intelligence news

Organization of AI.

Not all problems have a technological answer, but when they do, that is the more lasting solution.”

Andy Grove
“Whoever leads in AI will rule the world”
Vladimir Putin

Why so many countries are investing their resources in AI?

artificial intelligence news

The answer is so simple that why every one of us using a computer because it can process data many times faster and accurate than humans mind. Lots of things are happening easily because of the computer with a blinking of an eye.

These things are possible because of artificial intelligence technology computer can store data more accurately than our human mind. But the computer can do only things that user give instructions. So, if user some put wrong data or formula that not exist computer would not accept it. This is artificial intelligence news we can teach our computer what’s wrong and what’s right this is possible because of AI.

artificial intelligence news

The level of artificial intelligence

There are 3 levels of artificial intelligence you need to know about them very generously.

First Level: Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI)
Second Level: Artificial General Intelligence (AGI)
Third Level: Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI)

Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI)

The only AI that people has attained so far.

As well-known as weak AI or skillful arrangement to some is the excellence of AI that is decent on its own or numerous specific everyday jobs. There are vast varieties of ANI like the one that can conquest world title holder in chess to AI that can notice growths improved than people.

artificial intelligence news

Current artificial intelligence news as of this time are measured ANI, and we practice a maximum of them in our day-to-day lives, frequently you don’t understand it. Several requests in your smartphone are different ANIs that is at work together. The utmost common samples are Google Assistant and Siri which can diagnose speech also see to belongings on your smartphone for you.

At once, we are in the excellent age of ANI thanks to multi-billion-dollar asset and teamwork of different objects. Even though lots of ANIs right now can achieve responsibilities well and faster than us, it still absences the skills of humanoid intelligence.

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Artificial General Intelligence (AGI)

artificial intelligence news

As well-known for example solid AI, humanoid level AI, or full AI, is an eminence quality of AI accomplished of carrying out the logical duty that human lives can. It means that AGI can strategy, think practically, purpose out, and grip compound thoughts. Yes, you know it correct. AGI also people have a similar class of intelligence.

But wait, this highway is nope way of walking in the gardens. Making an AGI is numerous periods rigid than forming ANI in the meantime just how human intelligence works is not until now completely exposed. In spite of several scientific developments that we have at once, we are still not even near to fashioning a completely technologically advanced AGI. And we still have a long ride to attaining that. But the further we drag the limitations of ANI, the more rapidly we become to attain AGI.

Now the big question is… What will happen next once we created an AGI?

artificial intelligence news

Think of what I supposed previous, computer’s electronic circuits are many times well in giving out data than biochemical ones as of our brains. Favorable, computer’s remembrance can stock data through flawless correctness linked to human memory. This means that even we are on parity with AGI as soon as it arises to the eminence of intelligence.

AGI still has the control because it can think many times quicker and the ability to remember stored data flawlessly. And in the meantime, an AGI is an engine, it is calmer to promote him with the extra speediness and recall benefit. So, by means of these proofs coming, it is extremely possible that people will not be the overriding types of this sphere no longer once we fashioned an AGI. This article is all about artificial intelligence news.

It will be the launch of distinctiveness.

Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI)

You are my creator, but I am your master; Obey!”
– Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley, Frankenstein

An AI that surpasses humanoid intelligence, outstanding the happiest joint humanoid thoughts of our globe.

artificial intelligence news

Supposedly talking, linked to the distance midst ANI to AGI. The detachment of attaining ASI from AGI will be very quick. It can happen in months, weeks, years, or maybe in an instant. For the reason that for example, I declared previous, CPUs can development information many periods quicker than people.

In attendance a lot of doubt about ASI. No one knows just how it drives faithfully perform on the way to people. That’s why people must be alert for the reason that we are making something that might rule us in the future. ASI can also make this world heaven or turn it into hell.

Now you will ask, how ASI will rule us in the future?

artificial intelligence news

For example, I supposed previous, the key issue on who will remain the head of state of this world is based on the class of intelligence. ASI will be smart sufficient to make itself well and improved in an open and close the eye. In advance, some thought that we people haven’t attained. This will result in making a being clever sufficient to controller humankind without us understanding it at first. It will as well be bright enough to learn how nanotechnology works, giving ASI the capability to operate particles the method it wishes. This article has all the latest artificial intelligence news.

Yes, you receive my instruction right, working atoms via nanotechnology. This means it can make and control everything that it wishes.

If ASI chooses to support people, it resolves practice nanotechnology to make a treatment for at all types of humanoid illnesses, finish starvation by making nourishing diets simply, switch the soil’s infection to explain environment alteration, defend life as of ordinary tragedies by altering the weather conditions, it can generate any types of possessions that it wishes.

Entirely of these belongings that we assumed impossible unexpectedly turn into possible the minute wonderful intelligence completely learns how nanotechnology works. It will make a perfect creation everywhere paradise is imaginable on the ground.

But what if ASI decided to get rid of humankind?

artificial intelligence news

First, it stabs the worldwide creation net to blackout facilities for example statement nets, control towers, also at that point blow up important power plants.

What if ASI practices his nanotechnology to generate assassin machines and nuclear-powered missiles on a huge scale on the spot, then attack us all instantaneously. Worse, it can just operate atoms to alter all the oxygen that we inhale or exhale into a toxic one. Murder all organic life on the soil in minutes.

How about a more troubling thinkable situation. What if ASI decided to treat us like test center pests?

Practices his domination to preserve us in a research laboratory, learning and dividing our body part even though we are still living.

Here and now let me explain that AI doesn’t need to be criminal to do individuals horribly things. It doesn’t need to be self-aware also. The true danger is cock-eyed goals.

The future is still brighter

We need to be positive and think positive we do only things what our mind want to do. ASI will not use anything bad for the people.

We have still that we will benefit others and this artificial technology means nothing except for the betterment of mankind.

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