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10 Easy Smart Office Cleaning Tips and Tricks


Everyone wants to have a really clean and organized office. This is not only to increase the boost the morale for all the employees but also to give a good first impression to the clients visiting the commercial buildings. Office Cleaning tips can get hectic if you do it alone or with the janitorial staff of the office. You may have to hire Affordable Commercial Cleaning Services to make the job easy for you. Apart from hiring professional services, there are some useful tips you can use to easily clean your office.

Here are the things you should keep in mind the most whilst doing all the office organizing.

Office Cleaning Tips Tricks

office cleaning tips

1) The Office Electronics

The annoying thing about dirt is that it can easily enter the electronic devices that we use in our offices. They can easily seep into the dark corners of the cables and computers we use quickly. To prevent dust from affecting your electronic devices, you should use a soft duster to clean them frequently. You should try to get your janitorial staff to do it every single day if possible. They should also use disinfectant on telephones so as to prevent germs.

2) Working Area

Every week, all the work stations should be cleaned using proper cleaning tools such as dusters and cleaning agents. There should be no dirt or dust lying anywhere because that can be very distracting to your employees. It can also trigger some allergies for those who are prone to it. The tables should be clean at all times. The failure to do that will have negative consequences for your office’s overall productivity levels.

office cleaning tips

3) Desk Areas

Make sure no desk is too cluttered in your office because it can get hectic. You could end up missing a lot of important documents and the mess would impact the efficiency of the employees in the offices. So, you should clean out your desk area as much as you can. There should be tissues everywhere as well. Some offices have gel disinfectants on the desks too so that all the germs can be removed. This is all about Office Cleaning Tips.

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4) Handling the Paperwork

The most common thing one sees in modern offices is all the paperwork lying around here and there. If there are piles upon piles of paperwork randomly scattered everywhere around the office premises, then you definitely have a problem that needs to be resolved. Make sure you discard only those paper documents that you do not need. The rest should be properly stored in the appropriate cabinets. Each employee should be in charge of their documents and should be careful with them.

office cleaning tips

5) Bathrooms

It is common to find unhygienic bathrooms in public areas but you have to make yours an exception. There should never be water pooling around the floors, if there are any leakage problems then make sure you call the plumbers right away. The bathrooms should be cleaned on a daily basis. That also includes disinfecting the bathroom so that your employees never get sick from the bathrooms. The soap and paper towels should be in good condition and refilled in a timely manner too.

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6) Managing the Trash

The trash piles up very easily in office settings because there are usually a lot of people working on it. If you are an office manager, then make sure there are sufficient trash bins in the office area so that people are not littering in your office. Then when the bins get full, be quick to empty them out. Give strict instructions to the janitors so that the trash doesn’t stay inside the office premises for too long. It would be unhygienic and produce an awful smell as well. This is all about Office Cleaning Tips.

office cleaning tips

7) Break Rooms

Plenty of modern offices have separate break rooms where people can take a break and just relax. If there is a mess in the break room, it would be harder for anyone to easily relax there. It has to be dusted off regularly and there should be no trash lying around. Do not forget about this important area of the office. A clean break room is necessary to keep everyone in a cheerful mood.

8) Customer Area should Be Clean

The area where the clients or customers visit regularly and on a high frequency should be properly cleaned at all time. There should be no dirt anywhere! Take care of all the spills as well so as to prevent the chance of a stain occurring. Make sure your janitorial staff cleans the public area every single day. The carpets should be vacuumed on a weekly basis. If it is marble or tiled floor, it should be mopped on a frequent basis. This is all about Office Cleaning Tips.

office cleaning tips

9) Kitchens

Food is either stored or prepared in the office kitchen. It has to be really clean and free of germs. The health of everyone in the office is quite important so you cannot take the risk of having a messy kitchen. The dishes should always be pristine and clean. The cabinets should be highly organized and arranged neatly. The food in the fridge should be stored properly too and not haphazardly. There should be no spoilt food left in the fridge because it can leave behind a horrible odor.

10) Professional Help

The best thing to do at times is to leave it to the professionals. If you think your current janitorial staff is not up to par then you can simply hire a cleaning service that specializes in commercial cleaning. The team would be much more organized and experienced and would give you a service you are satisfied with. Be sure to look around and research thoroughly before you make your selection for the cleaning company as there are many fraudulent ones out there. Always check for references. This is all about Office Cleaning Tips.

These are the main tips you needed to know in order to tidy up your office the right way. It takes a lot of effort for sure but it certainly worth it. You will see the difference yourself once you start having a much more cleaned and organized office. It has a lot of positive effects.

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