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Top 5 Best Android Spy Apps 2019


Technology has evolved to the next level and just imagines a few decades back what we have had in terms of technological creatures that we have today. In present time technology in the shape of smartphones running with different operating systems android, in particular, enables you to have the best communication services. In the past, even the president of the United States did not have such communication privileges that we have today.

Furthermore, today hardware not single-handedly intensifying but the operating system is equally enhancing the quality of modern-day mobile phones of android. Google’s owned Android OS is one of the best examples that we have today. On the other hand, one way or another none of the consumer technology has got fame and name as android OS.

android spy app

Today, we have plenty of android cell phone devices with multiple and different sets of features, models, configurations, specs and as well as in terms of price. Cell phone devices let you make calls, send messages, and use social media apps, websites, email and plenty of other activities like that.

However, apart from all these kinds of privileges, we are serious repercussions of the mobile technology in terms of nightmares in our youth’s life, ransomware attacks on cell phone data, scams, and last but not the least problems in a relationship. Therefore, parents, employers, and people in a relationship are looking forward to having an android spy app to deal with all the issues. Therefore, let’s discuss the best android monitoring software in 2019.

5 best Android Spy Apps of 2019

1. TheOneSpy

android spy app

It is one of the most effective and well-produced mobile phone spy software for android of all time. It is packed with hundreds of parental control and employee monitoring tools. However, user can use its tools to monitor loved ones but you have to have the consent of your lover other-wise you are breaching someone’s privacy. It has a user –friendly interface, easy installation process and enables the user to secretly spy on android device and give you complete information with complete time stamp and accuracy. Furthermore, user can use it on multiple operating systems such as android, IOS phones, tablets respectively. On another hand, you can use the features like Live screen recording to monitor android screen in real-time, social media messenger spy app. screenshots, surround monitoring, text messages monitoring, live GPS location tracker, android remote controller, call recording and email monitoring.

2. Ogymogy

android spy app

OgyMogy comparatively has been recently coming in the spy market but it has made the headlines due to its state of the art features and user –friendly interface. Peoples have their opinion that there is quite tough competition would be expected between the number and the two. Both are the best parental control and employee monitoring apps for android. Furthermore, OgyMogy is also compatible with the contemporary android cell phone devices and tablets. It is equally best for the IOs cell phones and tablets and you can use it without installing on the target device using its non –jailbreak solution for iOS devices. You can monitor social media, record cell phone calls, read text messages, track emails, spy on the GPS location of android device and lastly, you can also remotely control the android cell phone device.

5 best Android Spy Apps of 2019

3. Mobistealth

android spy app

It ranks among the top three best cell phone surveillance apps of all time. It is one of the classics. I mean it is one of the first mobile phone surveillance apps that had been used for digital parenting and employee surveillance. However, when it comes to its interface, it is a little bit complex that doesn’t let the new user use it with ease and calmness. User can use it specifically for android cell phone devices and for tablets. User can track emails and cell phone calls, text messages, social media logs and many others alike. Further, the bad part of the Mobistealth; it is quite expensive compared to the android spy apps ranking as the top two.

4. Flexispy

android spy app

It is one of the best android surveillance apps and you can use it for tracking someone cell phone device remotely and accurately. User can use it on different kinds of android cell phones and gadgets. User mostly uses it to spy on Employees Company’s owned device. The application is lacking with the real-time monitoring features like top three have. It is also one of the most expensive and complex cell phone spy software for android. User can spy on messages, track IM’s logs, monitor sent received emails, and lastly, you can record phone calls. However, you can download it from the web to spy on employees company’s owned devices. This article is all about android spy apps in 2019.

5. SpyEra

android spy app

SpyEra ranked among the top five best cell phone tracking apps of 2019. It’s been developed for tracking cell phones and gadgets for parental and employee monitoring purposes. The applications do not have a wide range of features and as well as live spying tools. Therefore, it simply allows the user to monitor text messages, social media logs, and emails sent received, internet history and others alike. You can get detailed information about android spy apps 2019 in this article.


All the above-mentioned android surveillance apps are state of the art technological tools but when it comes to powerful, accurate and efficient alongside reasonable price: TheOneSpy has a comparison, it is best of the best android monitoring software. It completely allows the user to remotely track android for parental and employee monitoring services once the user has been installed on the targeted device.

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