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Trend of Custom Packaging Boxes Worldwide


Custom packaging boxes are an important part of our life. All custom boxes have their own advantages and disadvantages. We need to choose the right package for every product, like custom vape cartridge packaging, etc. There are a few types of custom boxes that are commonly used worldwide; these include custom display boxes, custom retail packaging, custom vape cartridge cases, and more.

This blog post will go into detail about each type of box you can create for your goods so you can decide which one is best for your business needs!

What Are Custom Packaging Boxes?

A custom package is any type of container that holds products or goods in its shape with custom measurements and features that cannot be found on the shelves of stores nearby; these types of boxes can be used to house everything from stationary (like pens, pencils, books) to all kind of other products range.

Custom packaging boxes are custom designed to fit the needs of your business. They can be created from a wide range of materials you specify, such as cardboard or plastic. Custom packaging is used for custom vape cartridge cases and custom display boxes, among other items.

Types of Packaging Boxes


Custom Retail Packaging

A custom retail package uses more than just one type of material with different shapes and sizes; it typically has an outer layer made out of corrugated board covered by decorative paper, all laminated together on both sides with glossy polyester film adhered to the inside surface, so there is no need for tape at the seams.

These types are often used in stores after purchase because they have eye-catching graphics printed onto them, which makes customers happy with the packaging designs. In addition, these types of boxes are easily customizable, so they are a great option for any kind of fragile product.

Custom Vape Cartridge Cases

Custom packaging boxes are often used to store custom vape cartridges. These types of custom boxes can be either made out of corrugated board or cardboard, and they have a thin sheet glued on the inside where you place your custom vape cartridge. This is to prevent any damage from happening during shipping which could cost you more money in return for goods, and it will break the customer’s trust in your brand.

Moreover, these boxes provide you a variety of options for customization like custom box dimensions, custom printing on the custom packaging boxes, and a custom insert. All these things make these boxes more alluring that not only entices the customers but boosts your brand’s sales.

Custom Display Boxes

Custom display boxes are also known as custom trade show displays. These custom boxes provide you with the best way of showcasing your products.

The sizes and designs for these custom packaging box can be customized to suit any event, conventions or conferences that need a creative solution to showcase their brand’s product line-up in all its glory.

Moreover, these boxes give a glance to the packed item without opening the boxes that are beneficial for marketing purposes. Of course, people love to see the product before paying for it, but there are some products that come with air-sealed packaging, and their box cannot be opened, so these display boxes are the perfect solution for these products.

Custom Packaging Cartons

Custom carton boxes are mainly used in storing finished goods like food items, pharmaceuticals, household cleaners, etc., whereas if you’re an e-commerce seller on different websites, for example, then using this type could help reduce shipping costs and lead times, but it will require some extra labor because they have more pieces than other types of custom packaging box.

There is no limit when it comes to customizing custom carton boxes, and it’s best to use this type of custom packaging box for those products that are easily breakable. You can easily adjust their durability by adding extra packaging sheets for protection. Moreover, you can print the shipping and storing instructions on the boxes, so users can gain better knowledge while storing these goods. It also reduces the chances of damage to your products.

Custom T-Shirt Packaging Boxes

These custom t-shirt packaging are mainly used in the retail industry because these types of custom packaging will allow product information, features, dimensions, etc., to be printed on them, which is important when it comes to selling a certain dress or shirt. Still, they can’t withstand much pressure so if your company manufactures heavy items like furniture, then using this kind isn’t ideal.

Custom T-shirt boxes work well with clothing brands as they’re more affordable than other kinds of custom wrapper paper like tissue paper, for example. These have an open-top design but offer excellent protection for your custom clothing.

Custom Cushioned Packaging

Cushioning is a type of custom packaging that can be used for electronics, spare parts, or even apparel items that are likely to attract scratches and dents from the manufacturing process or during shipping, so these types of custom packing boxes will ensure that anything you pack inside stays intact.

Custom cushioned packaging is an excellent tool for protecting fragile goods as it’s made out of a soft material like bubble wrap with air bubbles in between layers, so if someone drops this kind, then there’s less chance they’ll break what’s inside, unlike other custom packages such as those with hard cardboard corners and edges.

Medical device manufacturers use custom pillows because their products need protection and cushioning due to sensitive pieces being handled during the storage and transportation process.


There are several other kinds of custom packages that are available in the market. You can order these boxes from your packaging supplier depending on the packing needs of your products. There are some products that need special packaging like cigarettes, cigars, and vapes, etc. Other than that, some products like vape cartridges come in special packaging like 1ml vape cartridge packaging, which are available in various shapes, and designs. First, check out your product’s needs, find a reliable packaging company and then place your order, and get the best quality packages and promote your business.

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